Toni Tauro

ready to rumble – NOT

It’s been some time since my last post on my page. Don’t get me wrong, I was hoping I could write sooner about my results of Scenic Trail.

Truth is I never got to the start line. My very first DNS. I thought DNF would be more likely, but shit happens.

I travelled with a friend to Tesserete on Friday. In the evening I was supposed to start my biggest race ever. The race I’ve been training for 6 months long. BUT - I started getting a headache in the car.

This progressively got worse. By dinnenr I was having trouble getting some food down and shaking without control. I was getting very cold, although it was very hot outide. A few minutes after getting some food down, I started directly having the feeling to have to throw up everything.

So I decided with my friend to not start my night race at 10 PM. Very hard decision, but the only one I could take in that moment.

The frustration was very big. I had fever in the night, which approved my decision even more. I don’t want to know what could have happened if I went out there on the trails during the night, at 2000 meters of altitude.

Nevertheless, I needed some time off from blogging, from social media. But after a good two weeks, I decided to look forward. There is no other choice. You cannot change the past.

So my next big thing is getting to Köln Marathon feeling healthy. My project to finally get that sub 3 hour marathon is fully ongoing. I will update you soon about it.