Toni Tauro

Marathon training is hard

You know what is hard? Flat marathon training. After 8 years running trails, I finally took the motivation to register myself for a flat city marathon. This will be my first ever flat (38 meters of elevation!) marathon and I want to push my body to the limit.

My PRs on a marathon can’t be really taken seriously:

  • 3 hours 5 minutes and few cents on the Muttenz Marathon (1000 meters of elevation gain!)
  • 3 hours 00 minutes and 59 seconds !!!! on the Frauenfeld Marathon (500 meters of elevation gain!)

So this time, it’s obvious I want the sub 3 hours. Get fasta or die tryin’ is my motto. I even said I’ll nail my running shoes to the wall if I don’t make it. This is how I put pressure on myself.

I’m really trying my best to get faster and get comfortable at that pace I need to keep up with. My plan is to do negative splits.

  • 14 km @4:20 min/km
  • 14 km @4:15 min/km
  • 14.2 km @4:10 min/km

Should just bring me at around 2 hours 59 minutes and 20 seconds to the finish line.

For running this flat surfaces, I’m using the Altra Escalante 2.5

2nd October is the Cologne Marathon in germany. Wish me luck. btw: my garmin watch is still predicting 03:05 for marathon, damn you Garmin!