Toni Tauro

2022 and races?

So 2022 just started and I decided during my honeymoon, that I want to try another time to take part a the Scenic Trail this year.

I still got a starting place from 2020, and I hope I can participate in the K119 race, which will be my longest ultra marathon ever.


I created a training plan on my own with some numbers of what mileage and elevation gain I want to achieve week per week. It builds up in every cycle. The cycle repeats itself every 4 week by starting with a recovery or deload week and ending with a high mileage week.

I’ll try to stick to it. Let’s hope for the best.

My highest mileage week will have 125 Km and 3400 meters of elevation gain, I’ll have 5 cycles and hope that the training deload from my honeymoon (from christmas up until now) will not have a lot of effect on my overall fitness.

Here you have a quick glance at it:

Other than that, I still got a starting place at the Marathon Hohe Winde from 2020. This will be held on the 19. March 2022, right in a recovery week meh.