Toni Tauro


Little late to the party, but week 18 (recovery week) recap is here.

Just did some easy runs, a big bike tour, which in fact wasn’t as “easy” as I thought it to be.

stats of the week


week 18: 39.72 km

Elevation gain

week 18: 783 meters

Time on feet

week 18: 4h

Fitness / Fresness (Strava)

Fitness right now: 119

Weekly Intensity (Strava)

week 18: 425

Intensive Minutes (Garmin)

week 18: 1565 min

Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

Average: 46 bpm

Sum up

Recovery week, or nearly. I did over 54 km on the bike at once, with over 1300 meters of elevation. That was reallly tough. I felt my legs afterwards and I think it was not that good of an idea to do it in a recovery week. Also I had to postpone my sport massage to next week, which is also not optimal. What is done is done, let’s look forward.

Score: 6/10