Toni Tauro


Another two weeks done. I didn’t find time last week to do the week 16 recap then, sorry for that. Gonna do it now. The last two weeks were about mileage, and time on feet. With week 18, I’ll get my well deserved rec week once again.

stats of the week

I’m trying out ChartJs this time. Let’s see how this goes.


  • week 16: 82.17 km
  • week 17: 91.33 km

Elevation gain

  • week 16: 1870 meters
  • week 17: 2100 meters

Time on feet

  • week 16: 10h55m
  • week 17: 11h52m

Fitness / Fresness (Strava)

Fitness right now: 126

Weekly Intensity (Strava)

  • week 16: 793
  • week 17: 840

Intensive Minutes (Garmin)

  • week 16: 1689 min
  • week 17: 1718 min

Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

Average: 46 bpm

Sum up

This were some two tought weeks, but I managed to get my ass out the door always. I also tried to keep my mind busy during those longer sessions. I found a new favorite longrun idea, when I just start before work on a Tuseday on go for 3 hours. Why didn’t I ever come up with that?

Other than that, I didn’t do much yoga or interval running training, so there’s that, but the week was fully packed anyway with work and other life related stuff.

Score: 8/10