Toni Tauro

Hi and welcome to my running blog! This used to be just a single page containing some races I wanted to participate in, and my ultra distance race results. During a run two weeks ago, I decided to redesign the whole page and make a blogging experience out of it.

This is not due to wanting some accreditation out there in the running world, it’s for me just the best way that works to put down my thoughts on paper, or on an internet page for that matter.

English isn’t my native language, but I like to use it, as it puts me in a situation where I really have to think about what words I’m using. Those who know me personally, and know how I strange my German is, know what I’m talking about here.

Objectives with this page

My objectives with the blog will be to post some training progress with text. This will help me have some training history not only with stats, like I already have on strava, but also with my own words. Why was that specific training week last month a good one, why not? These are some of the questions I would want to ask myself, and instead of having no idea anymore why the week was a good week, or why I struggled that much to keep up with my mileage goals, I would be able to read it up here.

Yes, I know I just could have put my thoughts on a simple journal. But here is the thing I already tried to describe in the first paragraph: It doesn’t work for me. If I just try to keep this stuff offline, I always end up putting some words with no context in my journal, and after a few months, I can’t use the notes anymore because I can’t remember what I meant with it.

Making all of this public, makes me put some real effort in writing real phrases and using some real words. At least I hope in a few months, I will be able to look back at this, and remember better why I was frustrated in a post or not. Additionally, enabling comments, will make sure I could get some help by other running folks out there in the wild.

Long story short, or in the IT jargon tl;dr:

This is my running blog site, I want to make my training progress public including some text written by me about my feeling, thoughts and more. My hopes are, that I can then have a retrospective about it and draw better conclusions out of it.

Have fun and keep on running!